About me

Hi, I’m Angel and welcome to my food blog! I wanted to tell you a little bit about me, the person behind the camera and all the cooking. I am 17 years old and live in Santa Barbara, where its always sunny and the beach is never far. I love surfing and playing sports.

This is a picture of my twin sister, Ruby, and I in Hawaii (I’m on the left). We basically do everything together, so you’ll probably see more of her in this blog.


I love to travel, and I have had the wonderful chance to experience many different cultures all over the world. I think that is where I got my love for adventure and always looking for new and exciting things to do outdoors. Theres nothing like spending a day at the beach, surfing, skating, camping, or going out and taking pictures on my camera.

By the name of this blog, you can probably tell that I love to cook and make tasty foods, whether it’s a meal, dessert, or yummy drink. My sister and I always make things together, and I’d say our specialty is desserts and pastries. I am vegetarian, so all of my recipes will be too. Of course, you can always add in or take out ingredients to make it to your liking!

😍This is a birthday cake my sister and I made once – those are Kitkats on the outside😍DSC_0773.jpg

I hope this blog inspires you to try some new foods and cook up some delicious meals!

🙂 Angel

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